Conception of new bicycles

In this place I would like also to present conception which seems to be even revolutionary:

Bicycles should have much bigger wheels than now produced - 26'' is too small also much rarer 28'' is too small.
Estimated 'easily reachable' speed of bicycle with proper wheels sizes:

26'' - 15/9 km/mi
28'' - 20/12 km/mi
30'' - 25/15 km/mi
32'' - 30/19 km/mi
34'' - 35/22 km/mi
36'' - 40/25 km/mi
38'' - 45/28 km/mi
40'' - 50/31 km/mi

as you see it isn't hard to build bike with a big 'easily reachable' speed - it is necessary only to think a little (riding with speed 15/9 or 20/12 km/mi it is suicide, speed must be higher).

Also bicycle frame should be only low, because it is much easier to use such bicycle - in case of bikes with 30'' wheels and more frame can be only low in other case using of bike is impossible.


T'ai-chi-t'u-ku [Tai-chi-tu-ku]

Beside male principle Yang and female principle Yin [taoism] it is possible to distinguish yet one indefinite principle, which contains spectrum of medial states between active and passive principle what shows above elaborated by me symbol.

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Gregory Podgorniak, Poland (2004)

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